About Qurate

Qurate is a revolutionary app with a purpose – taking your communication with friends beyond the platform.

For the past two decades, technology has enabled us to connect with more people than could have been imagined. Yet, it seems the more people we connect with, the more disconnected we become from those that matter the most.

Qurate is a revolutionary, patent-pending process that combines your communication with individuals into one queue based on the person you connected with, not the platform you connected with them on.


Our Pledge

Holding ChildQurate is a for-people, for-profit company and we’ve pledged to partner with Compassion Services to make a difference in the world.

Compassion Services is an international humanitarian organization based on the Christian principles of caring for those in need. They exist to offer help and hope to people living in desperate situations around the world.

The four areas we support are:

  • Disaster Relief

    Compassion Services is on call when a disaster strikes. Whether the Oklahoma tornados, the Nigerian flooding or the Japanese tsunami, CSI had a presence at every major disaster event around the world.

  • Humanitarian

    Compassion Services works in impoverished nations doing everything from building water wells to bringing toys and joy to orphanages.

  • Medical

    Compassion Services takes highly qualified medical personnel to impoverished areas to provide medical attention to those who might otherwise never receive it.

  • Education

    Compassion Services works with its international contacts to help provide school supplies to needy children around the globe.